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How Sure Tests practice exams work

The Sure Tests solution is super easy to use and is packed with cool features. As you've already learned the Testing Centers are where you will generate and take new tests, review your personal statistics and more. But how are new tests created by the system? Where do the questions come from?

Let's take a look at a diagram to help answer these questions.

Sure Tests prep exams work

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The following sections review the components of the diagram above, from left to right, to explain how the Sure Tests system works.

Sure Tests Experts

Our team of real estate professionals is responsible for maintaining our library of expertly written test questions. We regularly add new questions to the library to keep inline with the State issued exams.

Question Library

Our library, or pool, is comprised of more than 800 multiple choice test questions. Each question is accompanied by a Sure Note, which is a detailed explanation to help you understand why the correct answer is in fact correct.


Each multiple choice question within the library is a member a category. Categories allow questions to be grouped by topic or concept such as mathematics or financing.

The Testing Centers can produce practice tests that contain an even percentage of questions from all categories or produce a custom test that contains only questions from a single category. This allows you to maximize your study time by focusing on the areas where you need the most help.

Test Types

Within the Online Testing Center and the Mobile Testing Center you can create tests of different types to meet your needs. The type of test you select determines the number of total questions in the test and the category(s) from which the questions will be randomly selected.

Type # Questions Description
Full "Mirror" Tests 60 Full length tests that mirror the State exam. All question categories are equally represented, just like the real test.
Category Masters 20 These shorter tests are specific to core categories and allow you to focus on specific areas where you need some help.
Quick Hitters 10 These shortened exams are perfect for times when you only have a few minutes.

You can create and take an unlimited number of practice tests; each completely unique to help avoid secondary memorization.

Accessing the Testing Center

As a Sure Tests subscriber you can access tests using your computer and almost any mobile device.

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