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Land Use Controls and Regulations Practice Questions

Posted by on in Land Use Controls
Land Use Controls and Regulations Practice Questions   Which of the following is not listed in the "Real Estate Bundle of Rights"?              1) ENCROACHMENT          2) RIGHT OF EXCLUSION                  3) RIGHT TO ENJOY THE LAND       4) THE RIGHT TO SELL OR GIVE THE LAND TO ANTHER INDIVIDUAL The real estate bundle of rights is a set of legal rights afforded to the real estate holder. The bundle of rights does not include  encroachment, as encroachment is one owner's property advancing beyond their property line onto another property without permissions or a license.               What is... Continue reading

Real Estate Agent Exam broker lien law

Posted by on in Land Use Controls
Check out this Real Estate Agent Exam broker lien law question   Which law allows for a commercial real estate broker to obtain and foreclose upon a lien as a legal remedy against a property if the buyer/seller or lessee/lessor fails to pay the broker the agreed upon commission?       1) BROKER LIEN LAW 2) ENCROACHMENT 3) AGENCY LAW 4) CONDEMNATION   Many states have been exploring, or have already enacted, a commercial real estate broker’s commission lien law; so an automatic lien attaches to the commercial property to guarantee the payment of the broker's commission. The act of the... Continue reading

When is a conditional use permit appropriate?

Posted by on in Land Use Controls
Which of the following best describes a category of land use that does not comply with zoning restrictions for its location, but is allowed because it benefits the public?     A) CONDITIONAL USE B) UNCONDITIONAL USE C) CONFORMING USE D) INDUSTRIAL ZONE   Explanation A conditional use permit is a zoning exception that allows a property owner to use their land in a manner not otherwise permitted by zoning law. The permit is typically issued to schools, hospitals, parks etc; it is for the good of the public.... Continue reading

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